Which 90s yo-yo(s) do you think should come back?

This topic is where you get to say which yo-yos from the 1990s that you think they should start making again and why. Before you reply, a couple of rules;

  1. It has to be a yo-yo that has been discontinued
  2. 1990s yo-yos that are still in production to this day (i.e. the Yomega Raider) don’t count
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Freaking cold fusion GT.

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I don’t think there should be a remake of anything. Companies should keep pushing forward, not looking back.

Just talking shapes here? Or same responses systems and everything? I’m going to go with the "old designs but updated guts.

Cold Fusion GT and the xgames Variflex/Team Losi “Hybrid Bomb”. Plus, the Tom Kuhn No Jive Jr, because I’ve always wanted one.

Crap I don’t even own team losi. I could go blind.

All the old BC wooden yo-yos. Blackbird, Phantom, Classic, spitfire, etc…

Loved those. Wore out the axels on my Blackbird and Phantom.

Is team Losi the same with the one currently producing rc kits?
Probably the Bandai Hyper Dragoon series.

Although I’ve got a good number of them, it’d be nice to have original No Jive’s readily available again.

Team Losi’s been in the R/C business since before they made yo-yos

Yeah, I would also like to see the Hyper Dragon series come back, too.

I would be okay with that!


Little history of Losi’s yoyos from Steve here:


Duncan should bring back the Midnight Special, Glow Imperial, and the Neo, even though they’re just imperial shapes. Sure the Imperial wasn’t the best yoyo but they were fun to play way back when.

I also second those BC yoyos, a friend had given me a Spitfire yoyo way back when, felt like it was a pretty unique-feeling wooden yoyo.

Was gonna say Terminator tornado, but as far as I can tell it’s still made. It was my first bearing yoyo.


Another one I liked was the Spintastics Technic, which was like a pro-yo but to me, felt like it a better build quality. Was nice and responsive, and can only imagine how it would perform at looping today. The Technic also has a wooden axle, similar size wood axle as what the Duncan Limelight is using…an “A-size” wooden axle? It does however look like their yoyos are still available so this may not even count.

I remember in the late 90’s there was this mail order catalog you could get and it had all the cool yoyos of the day in it. Spintastics, Proyo, Tom Kuhn… It was the first time I had seen the SB2 and the Cold Fusion and I wanted one sooooo bad. Can’t remember what it was called but I’m slowly building that collection by memory. Wish I could find a copy of that catalog. Anybody remember what it was called?

Infinite Illusions?

Team Losi Cherry Bomb, aka the inspiration for the Basecamp Moonshine dimensionally. Great throw!

There was an outfit from Santa Barbara that had a glossy color catalog. Some juggling outfit.They still exist but no longer carry throws. I remember the feeling you describe, only one cure for yoyo fever.

Well after searching for a while I randomly found the name of the catalog I was thinking about in a dark damp corner of the yahoo archives. They even still have a PDF of it up on the site. Unfortunately it’s only the even pages for some reason… Better than nothing I guess. Throwback launch commence http://www.bfk.com/yoyo/99yoyolow.pdf