Which 50-70$ yoyo should I get?


What’s your preferences? We can’t help you pick a yoyo if you don’t know what you like. :slight_smile:

  1. Shape?
  2. Size?
  3. Weight?
  4. Does colour matter?
  5. Bearing size?
  6. Plastic, Hybrid, or Metal?
  7. Is grindability important?
  8. Price range?

2.wide gap, small
5.any well which one sleeps the longest.
6.metal/Whats hybird.

By shape I ment like round or H-Shape lol.
Neither bearing sleeps longer, but large bearings allow more string layers and small bearings bind tighter. Which ever you like.
Hybrid is a yoyo made from both plastic and metal, like a Dark Magic, Protostar, most YYJ’s and all Buzzons.

Ok, well based on your preferences you should get the DV888 because it’s small, a great metal (cheap too), and has YYF SPEC bearing, which is one of the best bearings out there in my opinion. Also, just sayin’, there’s no yoyo that sleeps longer than the other.

I’m sorry, but this just isn’t true. Does a MVP sleep longer than a 201? I think so my friend.

It depends on the throw, like with a good enough throw and 201 can sleep a very long time.

I would say Dv888 or a YYF FundaMetal, but I have heard many great things about the Dv888

dv888 all the way

Right, but there are a TON of other yoyos out there that can sleep much longer than it, on an even worse throw, just saying.