Which 2 of these 3 throws should I get?!

Hey everyone, first real real post on the forums even though I’ve been around for a bit just spectating.

I wanna choose 2 of these 3 throws to buy. It is a tough decision to make for me so I’m asking for some input from others.

The throws are: Eternal Throw Victory, One Drop Kuntosh, and YoyoCommunity Spectrum SE.

I’ve been wanting a Victory and Spectrum SE for a while now, so those are the obvious choices, but the Kuntosh seems amazing too and some of the colorways draw me in. Spectrum SE has an undercut which is cool (and SE’s of course) and the Victory has cool details like the use of a double rim (and also SE’s, again). Kuntosh is tempting too because of its original rarity. I find it cool that they took that design and made it into a production model.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think on this topic! Thanks for your input in advance!

Kuntosh because Sonny is the man.

Just get all of em