Whey Protein?


Ok, so I weight lift quite a bit in high school. Some of my friends and coaches think I should start taking Whey Protein to prevent any muscle tears or other muscle related injury. My parents think it’s unnatural :stuck_out_tongue: What do you guys think? Any tips on how to convince my parents otherwise?


I don’t think whey helps to prevent tears. just stretch a lot and dont try to go overboard on lifting. also get plenty of rest.


How I see it protein is protein nothing special about it. Your better off just eating your veggies and fruits to get the nutrients you need. Besides If have too much of 1 vitamin it can be unhealthy!


Your body needs protein to create cells. Body builders use it because it helps them build muscle cells.


If this is a better/worse comparison it is wrong. they are both helpful. abby is correct. you don’t need supplements if you’re on a diet that fits your workout routine(muscle gains, or weight loss) and yonut is right too. protiens are needed to help repair muscle and build. so they are both helpful in their own ways.


It’s just a supplement really.
Think about it, an average person is supposed to eat like 2500 calories a day. But if you’re physically active (sports, walking a lot, etc.) you need more calories to get the necessary proteins, vitamins, and other important things for your body to be healthy. The Whey protein will just help you get all the proteins needed to stay fit, healthy, and have the correct muscle building.

Yes, it can be done naturally, but the protein shakes and stuff will help speed up the process. I’ve never used Whey, but I have used other powers to make shakes. Personally, I think protein shakes taste disgusting. Haha, but if you like them or can down one for the muscle build up, go for it!

I hope all goes well with changing your parents minds!


your parents think whey is unnatural?? don’t they know what whey is?

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I know and have known people that use a lot of supplements. The crazy thing is, their diets are terrible as well as their sleep habits.

If you really want to get serious about fitness start at square one and move forward. Make certain your diet is solid in every aspect, including hydration. You’d be surprised how much stronger you are when you are properly hydrated and how much better your gains will be.

Just saying, before you start looking at doing things that your parents think are odd, do something that is odd. Eat right and get your sleep, it’ll drive your parents crazy!

One more thing, warm up before you lift and not just a little. You should have a good sweat going before you start lifting. That’s one of the best ways to prevent muscle tears.


My diet would be considered pretty healthy lol, thanks to some of the things my parents shove down my throat :stuck_out_tongue: But I’m just looking for something a little extra. Protein from meat isn’t really enough for what we have to do for football.

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It’s not like whey is going to hurt you, it wouldn’t even be considered a supplement if you made it yourself and it was part of your regular diet. It used to be part of peoples diets when they made their own cheeses. Remember Little Miss Muffett? ;D This is a bit of a cheesy conversation. :wink:

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Egg whites. Low calorie, low fat, good protein, guaranteed all natural. Cheap, too. Great with salsa.


Do your research before you buy whatever it is you decide to buy.

I personally use Progenex, it is a very common protein blend among the CrossFit community, and my father and I did our research on it before using it. Overall, I find I recover from a punishing workout better if I drink it within 30 or so minutes of my workout.


Eat the yolks too. You’re a football player! Good fat and calories for a steady source of energy. Though pastured eggs are better than grocery store eggs. I’m talking deep, deep yellow yolks. Many, many times more omega-3. Chickens like to eat bugs. You get what you pay for in eggs.

Either way, my opinion and advice is to eat the yolks!


Ok, I’m sore all over today after yesterday’s workout, so I should definitely take something like that lol

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Whey protein isn’t anything unnatural. It is just supplemental protein for yourself. When I used to lift, I never used it, just because I didn’t want to deal with it. Personally, I just ate a bunch of chicken breast and steered away from carbs.

First off, identify the reason you’re lifting. I assume since you are in football (what position do you play?) you want to build mass. If that’s the case, supplements might be for you. I was lifting to shed some weight, so supplements didn’t make much sense. depending on where you are on your team, you may want to focus on different types of lifts. If you’re a receiver, you don’t want that much mass. If you’re a lineman, get bulked. Do lot’s of back workouts, because that’s what ended me in high school. I got some vertabreas (a word I can’t spell, apparently) crunched in a game, and I couldn’t safely play after that.


Yea, I’m a lineman. A pretty small one lol. I am a lot more jacked than some of the other lineman, but I also want to get bigger.

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Legs back and arms, baby. Curls for girls.


If you’re trying to get big, protein is a must. Whey is derived from dairy, and natural. Before you start diving into supplements, first shape up your diet. To get big, you DO have to eat your vegetables and carbs. Make sure you balance your carbs and healthy fats. From my experience, you should try and consume 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight during bulking. Whey is natural and just a very easy way to consume protein. It’s much easier to down a shake than it is to eat a chicken breast :smiley: