Where's he at?

So I’m just curious. I’ve noticed that teams like yoyo factory, spyy, and one drop tend to put up videos and stuff and go on tour and all that. But when I search for info on team yoyo jam, there really isn’t a lot of new stuff. Most of it is from a few years ago. How come we don’t see any new stuff from them? And how come we don’t see any videos with Andre? The guy’s a superstar, but its almost impossible to find something current with him in it. What gives? I know he’s running a business and all but it would sure be great to see him in action.

Many of the players that started in 1999, that after a full of decade and two years now, have families, careers, jobs and lives have changed. Its interesting that you say that because I have always thought the same thing.

Johnny Devalle and Andre still activally yoyo and run businesses but also judge as well. You could say they all put their “dues” in the yoyo world and simply went behind the scenes.

I fully agree that such people should be in at least one clip video again so we can see their change of style but also change in general.


What business does Delvalle run? I want to see a current Andre video. An interview would be awesome too. If anyone has an Andre interview, please post.


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He runs a web design business (last I heard). His yoyo store and forum are a sideline.

Update from JD’s web site (2011):

That’s what I was looking for…thanks.

Yeah, I would especially like to see Andre freestyle today to see what his style is like now. I think I’ve only seen for videos if him, and the most recent one is of a team yyj video someone made two years ago

Please, Andre, if you see this, think! Could you? :wink:


Andre is seen yoyoing a tiny bit before his string is cut in Josh Yee’s Worlds video series.

Some of the YYJ team members still yoyo and compete. Eric Koloski competed recently for example. Also Fedya from YYJ just realeased a new video.
But I do agree that the YYJ team is a little outdated. They need some fresh stuff. (their yoyos are still coming out awesome though)

In which part of the series? I mean what episode sorta.



Ah ha! I found him! He is in the fourth part of the series. ;D

Same here.

I would like to see some more of YYJ in contests.

A bunch of Andre’s newer stuff was in this video.
Probably the last footage I have seen of his stuff seriously.


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2 things, who are all them people in the backround. 2ndly, i wish i had skills like andre

That one is awesome!  Thanks for posting…

Remember in ROBOTS, after some “encouragement” Big Weld came back… Maybe Andre is sitting in a big room somewhere with his private jet setting up dominoes in the shape of yoyos. And if some of Team Yoyo Jam has moved on, why not update the team? There’s plenty of great talent out there. And yeah, Andre needs to stage a comeback. Or at least make a new video or two.

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Agreed, YYJ needs to find some more good players.