where to look for parts

I’m looking for a few things to fix/mod/replace my yoyos

Could someone tell me the exact axle size for:
starlite, x convict, and dv888
and also where to get the axles besides yye (in a local store?)

For flowable silicone
Besides flowable and permatex red rtv , what do people suggest/usually use?
Whats the difference between all the different colors

Could we get bearings from local stores as well? (just curious)



Different colors of silicone are different. But people say Blue snags a lot and is not a good choice, but I;ve been using blue for a year and it’s perfectly fine. Red is Hi-Temp and people say it’s somewhat better. Either is fine.

By the way, flowable silicone and RTV silicone is different. Flowable flows like a river, doesn’t need much work, it settles down itself until flush. But RTV is harder, you need to use a tool to even out the silicone and if the surface is rough, it stays rough until you wear it in.

And I think bearings are sold at R/C stores (not sure). Or maybe hardware stores.

Dv888 uses 12mm axle
Starlite uses 25mm axle (I think)
X-Convict uses axle #4.

X-Convict uses a 6x32 setscrew. Dv888 and Starlight use a M4 x .7 setscrew for their axle. For lengths, see above. Both can be found at a decent hardware store like Ace.

The color of the silicone means next to nothing. They may be marginally different, but I haven’t noticed this. Flowable is grips a little bit better than gasketmaker. As such I really like it in my Sunsets, while I use gasketmaker in the rest of my yo-yos. People always say that flowable is easier to apply, but I’d beg to differ. For one, since it is clear it is extremely easy to leave some in the bearing seat.

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