Where to learn how to play the acoustic guitar?

I want to learn how to play the guitar (acoustic), and I need to start from square one. Anyone know of a website that’ll teach you for free from beginner to advanced?

Youtube is a fantastic resource.I’m sure there are a bunch of websites that have information, but actually seeing someone play, their hand positioning, their strumming technique…other than getting a teacher, youtube is the best for that kind of thing. I would suggest getting a few books that focus on the theory,scales, chords, etc and watching videos. Acoustic is really fun and pretty easy to pick up on. Look up some easy blues runs and you’ll be sounding good in no time.

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get a real teacher. helps a lot more than a video.

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True, but not everyone has access to someone. I know whenever I was learning there was NO ONE close to me that even knew how to play, so i taught myself from books and just plucking around playing by ear with songs. I did take a few lessons once I got to college, but by then I could already play and really just used the lessons to better understand some theory. a teacher is awesome, but it can be done by yourself.

I think it’s awesome that you’re looking to learn acoustic guitar. I switched over from electric about 2 years ago and it’s been a great experience getting to re-learn my instrument of choice from a completely new perspective. I can’t help you with where to learn because I’m self taught, but if you’d like some inspiration I’d invite you to look up some guys on youtube to give you an idea of just what the acoustic guitar is really capable of. You’ll find some great music if you look up Andy Mckee, Don Ross, Michael Hedges, Ewan Dobson, and Mike Dawes just to name a few, but my personal favorites. Good luck on your journey my man. Keep us updated if/when you start to pick up some techniques and make some progress.

I learned from jamplay.com


I’m in guitar as a school class right now,maybe you can have it at your school( or are you homeschooled?)

Apparently my parents already have a disk on how to play the acoustic. It’s great. I’ve learned the E minor, D, and G. Now I’m working on getting the pressing of the strings (my fingers HURT) and chord changing.

Thanks, but I don’t have the moolah. haha

Yes I’m homeshooled. If my friend was back from the D.R. I’d ask him to teach me. :-/

I’m pretty sure Guitar Center gives lessons, and there might be one near you (it’s not online, but…) otherwise, there are many websites that’ll have a chord sheet available for free. Hope this helps…

Ok, your fingers hurt… It happens to all of us before we get our callouses. You might want to consider taking it a little easier if it starts to seriously hurt and work on something else related.

Another thing, learn to use your pinky right from the start and build up pinky strength. Having the string pinky will come in handy later on (Unless you only really play chords). Also, learn about moving chord patterns up the neck.