Where to get Loctite?


So i saw Andrés video about how to fix loose axles.

Now i cant open the gap on my DM fully anymore because its too loose then.
So i tighten it up mostly at the moment.
But i want to open the gap to full again so it spins longer.

So i heard that you need to apply loctite to the axle of the Yo-Yo to get it fixed.
Now i just wanna know where you get that stuff from?




Most hardware stores will probably carry some.


I have even seen some at target.


What is target?

And yeah i was going to look there too.

I need Loctite Threadlocker Blue right?


Target is a…store that sells a lot of different things. It’s like a WalMart, if you have those there.

And yes.


the hardware isle in your local grocery store may have it, if not definitely a Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Kmart, or any other corporate conglomerate put in your town to kill local businesses.


I live in Germany and we dont have any of those here ^^.

Im gonna look at “Geukes”, “Praktiker” and “Hagebaumarkt” xDDDDD

Thx for everyones help :slight_smile: