Loctite Online Shop?

Hey all,

i saw this video:
and then i was looking around for some loctite.

I heard what i need is Loctite 242 Threadlocker Blue:

Now since i live in Germany and they dont have that stuff here i wanted to get something online.
But i didnt find any good site where they have it and where they send to Germany.

Still dont find any good site :frowning: any help?

thx Dirty

Try home depot.com or something. Maybe OSH.com, or… no idea.

I don’t know any site, but an alternative to Loctite could be to wrap Teflon Tape around your axle if you can find any of that.

Loctite should be able to get in Germany. It might not be under the name of Loctite though. Try looking for a blue threadlock in a hardware store.

It can be found at Home Depot and Lowe’s, but I haven’t seen it available online, only in stores.

-Mitchell Purdy

Does every kind of threadlocker blue work?

Or does it have to be a special one like i showed at the loctite picture above?

Yes. I believe that any BLUE threadlocker will work,

Addment: Try out www.loctite.de


ANY blue threadlocker will do it.