I was wondering when you use loctite if it sticks to the axle or the loctite sticks to the axle insert (really don’t know what to call this). I was always skeptical about using loctite because it might get some gunk in there from the loctite in the axle insert.

I think you might get loctite on both. You should get some on the threads in both the insert and the axle itself. And you use loctice to increase friction so the yoyo won’t unscrew. I think you would have to literally poor loctite in the nut/insert to ruin anything. Just apply it to the axle, screw it together, and don’t unscrew it for 24 hours.

Ok. I was just wondering because I will be using my Speeder, Speed Maker, Peak etc for as long as I live (I hope) and I will probably need to do it many times across those years and thus, I don’t want to kill it buy gathering gunk over time.

Also, fun fact: loctite doesn’t activate until you squeeze it between threads or just squeezed.

loctite is ok stuff but i prefer to use Teflon tape (aka plumberstape) Just a lil on the threads and you should be goood to go. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thread_seal_tape

IT avoids the mess.
You dont need to wait for it to dry.
Dont have to wash your hands after.
And one roll will last you whole yoing career.
plus there is 0 chance of getting it dripping into a bearing

Hope this helped. Happy yoing!!!

Just so you guy’s know what loctite will do. Depending on the color, it will lock the axle in your yoyo and you’ll almost never get it out. The red stuff is BAD for yoyo’s. That is a more permanent substance. The blue is a temporary substance that with a little heat will loosen quite nicely.

I’ve been yoyoing for 5 years and modding for 4 years. I [color=green]don’t suggest anyone use loctite on any yoyo.[/color]

As stated before, if you have a loose axle problem, Teflon tape is the best. Reason is you can take it off without any trouble if you don’t like it.