how to prevent lose thread in yoyo and axle?

I want to prevent it as soon as possibe…Thank you…:slight_smile:

From what I know, there is not much you can do to prevent it. Just try not to unscrew your yoyo too often.

Locktight will make the axle last way longer and reduce vibe, or you could oil the axle.

how long will the yoyo will last before it become lose thread??

If you use Loctite, probably forever. :wink:

Fact be known, I’ve yet to see that problem arise. But then I don’t take my yoyos apart all that often. But Loctite is good stuff. The light duty is preferred, medium duty is the max strength you should use.

Loctite would be permanent… just coat your axel in teflon the keep things snug. When you notice the teflon is messed up take it off and replace it.

Im worried because my yoyo is yoyojam SFX

Not if you use the light duty stuff (blue or purple).
Use the red and it is pretty much permanent.

what is loctite?

Not sure if you can get it in your country. Maybe try to find a thread locker. That is what loctite is.

Teflon tape is a good alternative too.

Loctite is basically super glue with a little filler to keep it from running all over.

If I glue the axle, I cant separate it from the yoyo?

Loctite and other thread lockers are glue based, but as I noted above there are different grades available. You want the lowest grade for a yoyo so you can remove the axle. Most are a diluted super glue formulation.

Maybe you’d be happier just using teflon tape. Then there’s no worries about taking it apart.

How long before the yoyo become lose thread?

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It’ll take a long time though. Like years. But you’re better off using Loctite.

what if I unscrew my yoyo almost every day? I always get knots and stuff…

Shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course if you had a tool, like a knitting hook or something similar, you could get the knots out w/o taking it apart. I rarely take one apart for knots. A simple paper clip straightened out works real nice.

Just so you know I’ve had around 1000 yoyo’s in my time. Not one of them got stripped or loose threading. It all depends on how you take care of it. If you over tighten it than you will have problems.

over 1000, r u exxagerating

No, I think he meant OVER 9000!!!


@ jhb8236

thanks. I just got my skyline and I don’t wanna lose it by unscrewing a lot.