How to apply loctite to a Yo-Yo

Hey Guys,

i was watching this video some time ago

Now i gotta know a few things:

  1. How do i apply loctite to a Yo-Yo? I mean like a video or any pictures how to do it or detailed instructions.

  2. What loctite to get? I heard there several types of loctite so i gotta know which type to get.

  3. When to apply it to the Yo-Yo?  - Can you prevent the Yo-Yo flying apart on you by using loctite or can you just use it when its already flying apart on you?

  4. How long does loctite last till i gotta put it in again?

Thx for any help :slight_smile:

  1. You simply put the liquid on the axle itself.
  2. You want to get LockTite Threadlocker Blue. This is what you are looking for:
  3. You will be able to tell when you feel the yoyo doesnt screw together and feels like its coming apart often.
  4. Make sure you dont open it for 24 hours for best playability. Usually, it will last until you open and close it several times.
  1. I think you just apply a respectable amount to the axle
  2. Get Loctite Threadlocker Blue
  3. I guess that it would extend the life of the axle, but most people apply it when their axle is stripped.
  4. It will depend on how much you unscrew your yoyo.

Addment: After you have applied it, be sure to NOT unscrew your yoyo for 24 hours. You can play with your yoyo, you just can’t unscrew it. And I also belive that you should let it sit a tiny amount of time before you screw it back together, read the package/tube/cartridge.

Its actually 24 hours :wink:

EEEEK. fixed

  1. But how you put the loctite on? with the bottle itself? cause i dont wanna mess up my yoyo

  2. So i put the loctite on and shall i wait then? Or screw it together directly?
    And is it worth it if it only lasts till you unscrew and rescrew it several times?

You basically apply a drop to the axle. Be sure to remove any excess so that the threadlock is only applied to ther threads. This way, you won’t make a mess. You can screw the yoyo back together after you have applied it. Just don’t unscrew it again for 24 hours. And you don’t want to get any threadlock on your plastic (if there is plastic). It might in fact destroy the plastic.

Thx im gonna get some of that stuff and try it on my kickside first if it makes problems.

I dont wanna destroy my dark magic and my future 888 so soon :P.