how to apply loctite in a yoyo?

my metal zero is unscrewing. so how will i put loctite on it?
is there a video or demonstration on how to apply it on the yoyo?

Just apply it to your axle. Screw your yo-yo together. Let it dry for like 20 minutes or whatever it says before playing, 24 hours before unscrewing again.

im confused. :slight_smile:
where will i put the loctite.
the side of the yoyo which the axle attached on?
or the side of the yoyo which doesn’t has the axle?.


The axle.

What is loctite?

Loctite itself is a brand. When we talk about Loctite, we mean Blue Threadlocker. Lots of brands make threadlockers, but Loctite puts “The original threadlocker” on their packages.

Addment: Just get any BLUE threadlocker, that’s the one you need.

with thread locker dose it have to be blue? I mean I have blue and my friends do but I know there is red and green out there. Whats so great about blue? Are the others not strong enough or to strong? later.

Keep it spinning™

The red one is stronger, too strong in fact. Since you need to unscrew the yoyo sometimes, the red one won’t work out. I’m not sure about the green one, but the purple one might be too weak. The purple one is for high-service areas (a yoyo axle) but since a yoyo is spinning at high RPMs the purple one might not be secure.

Just go with blue,it will be the sasfest choice.


hey everyone!
can i use ANY threadlocker?, i mean it’s is not a specific brand, as long as it is a threadlocker/loctite.

is it ok? ;D

Do you have to apply it to the whole axle?

As long as it’s ONLY on the axle and not floating around in your bearing seat you should be fine.

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