Where o' where are the pads?

Hey guys,

I need Pads for my faithful old Hspin G&E 4. I just bought some Dif Pads for it, though im not the biggest fan of those. Anybody know were to get something that will work? I tried thin Hat pads and there way too thick and snaggy.

I use one dif pad and one duncan 13.7 mm sili pad in mine. Two sili pads should work ok too. The 12 mm are too small.

Note that I play mine with a 5x11x4 mm bearing rather than the 5x11x5 mm stock bearing. That’s why I use one dif pad. It was too responsive w/two sili pads. With the stock bearing two sili pads will work ok.

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Probably the best answer you will get! :wink:

Thanks! ive been lost since I ran out of Hspin sili pads…about a year ago :slight_smile: