Good pad set-up for SPYY Pure

Like the title says I’m looking for a good setup for my SPYY Pure. Right not I have a single Hat pad in and its a little snaggy so I’m looking for something else. BTW I’m also looking for a .555 pads and Pair of SPYY Shims if anyone has a pair they’d sell.

I’ve been thinking of shimming a SPYY yoyo; would the Dif-e-yo shims not work?

Try Flowable Silicone.

SPYY Pure’s have a .555 Pad response so silicone want stay in for too long. Dif-e-yo Shims wont work. SPYY Had specific shims for their D bearing yoyos. You can also use Hspin Shims as well

That reminds me that I’ll be needing some .555 pads for a Punchline I have on the way. Love to know where one would get these.

Come to think of it… I guess I have the same questions and I’m just leeching on this thread. :wink:

Which hat pad is it thats snaggy? There are a few different ones, so maybe you just need to try a different texture. You might be using the textured one that has a little more grip. They only have the smooth and textured in stock at YYE, but I bet if you Email Ernie he might have a few of the thins floating around somewhere.

Hrm, I somehow missed the point that those Gen-Yo pads are MEANT to work and that the OP is just finding them snaggy. I might have to give them a try.

From elsewhere on the webs specific to the Punchline:

“Recessed YoYoGuy O-Stickers (accepts flowable silicone and Kentaro Pads)”

But I’ve heard before this thread of bad success rates with flowable. One could try searching around for whatever “YoYoGuy O-Stickers” or “Kentaro Pads” are. The fact that I’ve never heard of those implies that they may no longer be around, but you never know.

Punchlines will accept silicone. They dont have a shallow pad response like the pures do.

I have a single smooth .555 hat pad that I bought on another yoyo retailer

Alrighty. I am pretty handy with flowable, so I guess that’s me done leeching on this thread. I made the false assumption that the Pure and Punchline were from the same gen and used the same response.

Thanks for the clarification!

You can get small washers at the hardware store that will fit. They are a bit thicker than the original SPYY shims but they work fine. (Credit for this goes to jrodriguez.)