"Best" .555 pads available at YYE?

I have two yoyos that take .555 pads: a Pacquiao and a Radian Super Light. Both have become a little bit slippy in the bind department and I’m planning to order some pads to rectify this.

Any recommendations based on what’s available here? I want to correct the slipping, but without going to the opposite extreme (something so grippy that it snags). There seem to be various thicknesses available, but I don’t know for sure what’s needed for either of those two yoyos so that the response isn’t protruding into the gap. Flush or recessed is preferred.


I would check out Ir pads. They come in preaty much every size


You could put flowable in
(Thats what I use in all my yoyos)

General yo pads check them out

I’ve been told and I tend to believe based on examination that the .555 “groove” is too shallow for flowable.

I found a .555 IrPad on another site, but don’t spot any of those on YYE.

Gen Yo – smooth or textured? Is it fair to assume the textured have more response but might wear more quickly (as the texture wears down), or is that a false assumption?

I’d say too shallow for flowable, you’d probably get maybe 8 binds before they fall out. Your assumption seems right, but assumptions don’t always go very far lol

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I had the smooth gen yo pads in my 4xl and they worked great

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flowable is a little on the slippy side IMO

Irpads are definitely nice

As discussed, flowable doesn’t work for .555 grooves and I don’t see .555-sized irPads. :wink:

Duncan silicone stickers are nice, and dif pads used to be standard.

I was gonna suggest the Hat Pads. I personally haven’t tried them in a D bearing throw, but I love the regular Hat pads, so I’m sure they’re good.

Yes, a .555 pad recess is too shallow to hold flowable silicone for any length of time.

They still have the dif pads here - .555, .015 or .030 thick.

I believe the ones I have in there right now are Dif pads. If so, I think I will take a pass and go for the Gen Yo pads.

Thanks for the input everybody!