Where my freemasons at?

How you doin’? What degree you on?


Not a Freemason, but have always been intrigued since I had the unforgettable honor of attending a master masons funeral. He was apparently the highest degree mason in the area and the funeral ceremony was awe inspiring to say the least. I have much respect for the Mason indeed.

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You guys have me super interested in this all of sudden. I had heard of a Freemason, but had no idea what one was until this prompted me to google it.

As far as I can tell, it’s a group of men who are religious in some way that come together to support each other and bond?

It seems like there’s a lot more to it than just that; if anyone would care to explain what they know about it I’d love to know.


A bunch of the founding fathers were freemasons and a lot of people believe they’ve got deep ties into the government/illuminati type stuff. As jhb posted, one of the symbols closely associated with freemasonry is found on our dollar bill.

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I’ve been doing a bit reading on freemasonry and now I’m pretty interested in joining myself!

Why don’t you share ‘what degree you are on’; before squeezing information out of other people?

…Freemasons in my neck of the woods; seldom ever let others know anything about their affiliation to their Lodge.

And discussing ties to Masonry on a yoyo Forum could be considered highly unusual.

No kidding…


You passed the test! Congratulations!

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Obviously he’s a Grand Poobah.

My dad and all his brothers are Freemasons. Just a bunch of friendly dudes that keep trying to get me to join. The closest thing they ever did to Illuminati stuff was one guy called dibs on a nice turntable at one of their charity rummage sales… BEFORE THEY OPENED TO THE PUBLIC! GASP! DUN DUN DUUUUUUNNN!


The corruption runs deeper that I could have imagined.

The masons have set sight on your precious yoyo forum!

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Now everyone who just missed a drop knows why.


Bump for Str8 up interest

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someone in my area is suspected to be a FreeMason, but he’s not, he just seems like a guy who would be lol. pretty interesting stuff though.

Well, the closest I ever got was watching the old TV show.

Perry Mason…

He’s the Freeing Mason

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