Where is your yoyo located?


So like the yellets, it’s Diam. And Width is a place.

Where is yours located?

The C3yoyodesign Halo is in Uzbekistan…


Anti superstar split decision is the Kstovsky District of Nizhny Novgorod Oblast in Russia


I must be missing something. Perhaps making this more complicated than need be…
I tried just looking up the name of the yoyo (the Halo is what I used for all of my tests) on google maps. I tried Halo, Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Halo, I even tried scrolling over to Uzbekistan and both searching Halo, and looking at the map for a city named Halo, but got nothing. It took me a bit to come to a possible conclusion that you were referring to coordinates based off of the diameter being n/s, and the width being e/w. But if you check the Halo (57.69, 42.48) that’s in Russia.

So, care to elaborate?


No no, sorry you have it wrong.

Not where the the city of its name. We can’t rename the Halo. If we could it would be Uzbekistan.

What I’m saying is what country is your yoyos Diam and Width located.

The Halo’s Width and Diameter is in Uzbekistan,


But… like I said in the second part of my post, the diameter and width of the halo being coordinates would land it in Russia. 14km west of Kostroma Oblast, to be specific.

Even switching it around, making width n/s, and diameter e/w, that would put the halo in Cancun.


I might have done them opposite. Do the opposite of your numbers and find out what it does.


Edit edit: scrath everything I just said, not sure why I was in cancun. Switching them does put you in Uzbekistan.

In order to do this right, you should edit your first post a bit. There are 4 different possible locations for all coordinates without being told to use N or S, and E or W. 8 If you can switch the numbers.


I just did the cords. No ESNW…


I wish there was a company who used this method to name all of their yoyos. It’s a clever idea, and it makes sense. The yelets was defiantly a cool way to generate a name.


It’s a cool idea, but given most throws are within a few mm of each other, most would have names based off of russian cities.

(Jei Cheetah) #11





In my case 8)…


On top of my fender amp.


In the shower 8)…


In my mouth.
Sine//Saws are tasty.


In regards to the actual topic at hand, the Sine//Saw is in 4 places (assuming we’re doing diameter for NS and width for EW).

  1. In the middle of a Russian forest (54.8N, 43.35E)
  2. Somewhere in the ocean between Madagascar and Antarctica (54.8S, 43.35E)
  3. Due west of Cape Town, South Africa, right on top of the Mid-Atlantic ridge (54.8S, 43.35W)
  4. Once again in the middle of the ocean, this time due south of the southern tip of Greenland and due east of Lake Melville, Newfoundland (54.8N, 43.35W)