yoyo stores

(G5 Warrior) #1

anybody know of any yoyo stores in the atlanta GA area?


I live in atlanta and there are none. :’( :’( :’( (trust me, Ive checked.)


I’m in ATL too, and haven’t found any yet!

(SR) #4

I know there aren’t any in Atlanta, but there is one in Florida if you ever go there. Check here to see a store nearest you: http://yoyoexpert.org/locate/. Like if you ever take a vacation or something, pick one up! And worlds is coming up in Florida, take a vacation there and get all the yo-yo’s you want! :wink:


YoYoJam is in Georgia.

(SR) #6

Yeah. I wonder if you could go up to their factory and purchase one. But I don’t think so.

(G5 Warrior) #7

probably not that would be cool though.