where i buy dark magic 2 in saudi arabia

i guy i can not buy dark magic 2 online because i do,t have any credit card or paypal account .i live in saudi arabia jeddah.if there any body who where i found it in jeddah plz tell me i be very thankful to him.today i also check in “Toys R Us Store” plz help me guy.thanks

If you have any Toy Shelfs around you, I would reccomend going to those, a few near me carry Yoyojams.

You could contact YYE for example, or another online yoyo retailer, via email, explain your situation and request them to send you an amount for what you want to order plus shipping. You will need to take cash to a bank and have a bank draft drawn up in the currency of the retailer and then mail it out. Or see if they take wire transfers or e-checks.

Either way, short of something where you live, it’s going to involve a degree of inconvenience for you.

i guy i can not buy DM2 yoyo online because i do,t have any credit card or paypal account.any body know where find DM2 in saudi arabia jeddah,i already check “Toy R Us” plz help me guy thanks a lot.

I have no idea, but credit card or paypal would be useful here

maybe check with stores that could accept wire transfer, I can’t link any of them here (I don’t even know which store accept it)

what are the payment solutions you do have there?

I say buy a visa/mastercard gift card of the appropriate amount. Then, register it on line to your name and address. Now you should be able to order online using the gift card. Happy trails!

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