Where to get a DM

Does anyone know where to buy a DM? I swear I’ve checked everywhere and It’s always either out of stock or it says “Its been discontinued.” :-[Do any of you know a place/website to get one that I havent already checked?

You can pick up a shiny new DM2 right here for the same price as the old one :slight_smile:

I know that. In fact, I have one already. I’m looking for specificly a regular DM.But thanks anywa. :-\

If your looking for a DM1, try in amazon search dark magic yoyo.

Then I can’t help you :wink: . I suppose you could look for one in the BST if you don’t mind getting a used one.


You can get one here theres a clasic one for sale if u go to the dm2 page…

No they only have the DM2s. They just still have the pics of the DM1.