where do you?

(system) #1

where do you spend your time in YYE? (i mean where do you spend your time in…↓

-General Talk
-General Tricks
-Unrelated Discussion


-Genereal Talk
-unrelated discussion
-yoyo modding.


That’s Mine!

how Bout You?






(JonasK) #3

Chat. Try to break my record. HA.

Addment. 14 hours in chat room might kill you. should this be moved to unrelated? yes or no? I don’t know.

(Frank W.) #4

I usually go for general or videos.

(Derek) #5

General and tricks most of the time


Everywhere. And chat. I just go wherever there is a new topic.


I’m usually in general but if I’m not there I’m in tricks or reviews.


There’s a Post- im there.

(Mikey) #9

genral shop and tricks


I go anywhere I see a new post.