chat roulette yo-yo style


There are times when I’m up late and just wanna talk to someone when I’m throwing or I land a trick but everyone else is asleep. If we had a personal chat roulette just for yoyoexpert, we could always be in contact with a fellow yoyoer. Just a thought I had while having a late night session.


sounds like a good idea, but given the unwavering nature of chat roulette it might farm the “kid friendly” nature of yoyoexpert.


^What is said.


Here it is:

The magic community a few years ago used this thing all the time to talk about moves and ideas. It was my idea to start it actually…lol. You can only get into the chat room if you know the name of the room, or have a link. you can choose not to have a cam on and just type text also!

The chat room name is: YoYoExpert

Im on it now, just chillin if you wanna talk/throw around!





Considering how decent the mods are here. I don’t think explicit content would really be a problem


Considering how that link isn’t under the control of YoYoExpert and our moderation team, we can guarantee nothing.


Now a good idea, is to have YYE incorporate a video chat room on here!