It seems like no one really uses the chat. I usually get on it whenever im on, so if you need anything just come in there. It would be cool if other people just would open it in another tab or window and that way it would be alot easier to ask questions and stuff.

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Yeah, I agree completely.

yeah remember everyone, Thursday nights from 8 to 9 on the yoyoexpert clock is chat night. last night there was only 3 on. hope you come join. Later and remember keep it spinning.

I was working on (and finishing 6 pages of) a 10 page paper last night, I’ll try and get on more often.

Oh cool. I didnt know it was 8-9 on thursday. Thanks

no prob.

Its really quite annoying for me, because the americans are like, 6 hours behind us, so it really complicated discussing a time

Chat night is Thursday from 8pm - 9pm Eastern Standard Time.
You can convert this time to yours by using this page: