How deep do you dive?

Everyone has a different amount of time they are willing to put into being part of the YoyoExpert Forum Community. Some of us probably read every post ever listed here, others may just skim the titles and read threads that are interesting. How about you? How much of YYE fourm do you read?

I find myself sticking almost exclusively to the General section and reading threads that are about something new and interesting, or about some current events. I’m not as interested in threads about yoyo’s I’ve never played or what player is cooler. that just me…

I just click on the posts since last visit and read what looks interesting, or things I may be able to add some incite too.

I read the threads that look interesting, and the ones in the “Looking for Help/Recommendation” that I think I could help out in. For the most part. And I definitely don’t read every single one of them, LOL.

Same here.

yup. Me too.

i just check general discussion and unrelated discussion

and yoyo reviews like once a month

I spent 2-3 hours the other day prowling for a canvas. It’s interesting…

For me, it varies, and depends on what’s going on in life and the rest of my mood in general. Sometimes I’m looking to read something thought provoking, but other times, I am not in the mood and frequent the “Show Off” section more.

Some threads, I read them, and have nothing new to add, so I don’t post. Other threads, I don’t care about the topic so much, but think I can add a new perspective, so I do it. Other threads, I am more interested in the topic, so I might tend to be more active. I definitely do not read every thread on here, because not all of them pique my interest.

I like variety and diversity of things. You might find me posting ten threads in the same week, then you will see me post none another week. Sometimes I’m engaged in some long discussion, other times I’m just like “look at this photo.” So, I’m all over the place, and I like it that way, because no one can tell what I will do next. I can carry a discussion, I’ll post some creative work or another, play a game on here, post about some new throws, do a quick review, run a contest, add two cents about doing some beginner trick, the possibilities seem endless. Then, when nothing is going on forum-wise, I’m catching up with PMs, and logged in anyway for that reason.

I consider myself primarily a “reader.” Based on that, you might be surprised at how well I’ve gotten to know some of the forum personalities on here too. I post when I want to, but I like to keep it to something worthy to be shared. I’m versatile, I will post a topic, a poll, a guide, an article, a review, a game…or just go in the BST and “bump.” I do it all…nothing is off limits. I have posted everything from one liners to the most long post you have ever seen. You never know what’s coming next. There is still a lot left for me to see and learn, but I’m in no rush to do it.

So, “how deep do I dive?” None of it is deep really, just killing time and learning a few things along the way. I think when we all sprinkle ourselves around on here, this turns into a pretty neat and interesting place.

Interesting thread topic by the way, I have given it some thought in the past, and this was a nice place to put down what I was thinking.

When I had a lot of time on my hands, I used to engage in every single thread I find interesting.
Nowadays, me having 2 jobs and a full time college student, only a few select threads. I only check my 2A thread everyday. I have no time for anything else.

Even then I try not to go on forums that much. Check my signature why.

If I’m in the mood I can spend hours reading threads, but if I’m not I won’t even go on YYE.

I read most threads or at least parts of most threads. Go figure! :wink:

I read most and post most.

But I’m trying to slow down because people get tired of me sometimes ;)…

I read dang near everything.

I agree… If it’s in the forum, I’ve most likely read it if it’s within the last 2 years or so.

I look at whatever I feel like at the moment. I’ve probably been in all of the sections here on YYE, and commented in many of them.

I love starting up discussions, that’s why I always strive to make a thread that I hope will be as popular as the “how high can we go” thread. I mainly look through titles, and all the juicy stories on Traders feedback.


It is juicy, for sure. :smiley:

Lol only the negative ones