Where do you buy a blue Skyline?


Do you guys know any good websites to buy a blue Skyline? Thanks! ;D


I don’t know where, or if they have them in stock, but I can name a few:



I’ll think of a few later, but your best bet is YoYoNation.Com. :wink:


If you are only specifically looking for a blue Skyline, you’ll probably have a relatively hard time finding one, but you can try your luck out of BST forums. As for other Skylines, there are a few still in stock at YoYoNation.


Yep! :slight_smile:

Or, you can try to satin/re-paint it - if you’re a modder.

I would not reccommend this, but you can do it. No going back.

If you work at a metal company, you can re-annodize it. :slight_smile: