where do you all get these sigs??

i know that evan has made some for some people but now it seems every one has one what did i miss ???

Well samad made a sig, the GM user asked for one, then i asked for one, then everyone did. Ask JM, Rsmod, or james, they might make you one.

PM with your fav yo and fav colors, i;ll throw one together if you want.

Yeah but to be honest, I realy don’t know how to do it well. If you get a picture and it is realy nice, all I know how to do is just add a name and border to it. If I’m able to do it, you can do it because it’s so simple on www.bannerfans.com All I do is just upload the pic, and add words and borders. I dont know how to make supper fancy sigs with decked out letters. I don’t kow how to change the backround, or alter color. (I am not great with computers, and I would like a sig too because I don’t like the one I made myself! lol! :D) The reason I was making sigs was because I wanted people who did’nt have one to have one because they would not mind one that is not that good. But if anyone wants me to make them a sig, I can but you would have to pm me the picture you want me to use on your sig. I can do the border and name and I don’t know much else. Sorry, I wish I was better so I could make everyone a nice sig! But if all you want is a border and your name on your sig I would be happy to do it if you want!

P.S. JM, what website do you use to make sigs because the sigs you make are awsome!

JM uses Adobe Photoshop CS4, if my memory serves me right.

Photoshop for the win!

Spencer L did a wonderful job on mine. :wink:

64-Bit to be exact haha.

I made mine at: www.bannerfans.com. It’s so good.

got it done thanks SR for the website ;D