Where did the original Di Base go?


So I was thinking about yoyos while I was mowing today (of course, LOL), and I started to consider getting a Di Base and a Di Base 2 during the Black Friday sale. I was planning to get a G-Funk and a Nova during the sale (probably, though a lot can change by then, LOL). So I looked at C3’s YYE store page, and they only had the Di Base 2 on there! Didn’t they have the original Di Base on there not too long ago? Is there another site that carries it? Or did they discontinue the Di Base? WHERE DID IT GO??? I probably wouldn’t get the Di Base 2 by itself…and don’t fill this thread trying to convince me otherwise.


The dibase was discontinued since they’re now producing the dibase 2

It is however in stock at some other stores but you have to look


Man! The original Di Base is great on it’s own why did they have to discontinue it! ;( I want the Di Base back.




this picture got me laughing ;D

(M.DeV1) #6

A moment of silence for the greatest budget metal in history…