Where can I get the YYF Cypher ?


I was looking all over the internet but I can’t find the link 0-0 ???
I know it’s a limited run but … where can we still find it ?



It came with the yyf mystery bags I think. I didn’t get one so I’m not %100 sure

(Erik Kerber ) #3

Yes it came with the YYF X YYE Worlds Prague Pack 2014 and… There all sold out:( :frowning: so you’ll have to wait for the offical release to come out in order to get one.


you can also look in the b/s/t for any

(major_seventh) #5

There’s one for 35 I believe.


YYF have started posting pictures of fully anodised production runs with boxes so the full release shouldn’t be too far away.



They are all over the Facebook bst which much mean they are all over yye bst aswell


Just use Ebay