Where to buy a yyf popstar??


I want to buy a yyf popstar, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere online. I’m thinking it was discontinued. So where can I pick one up?


I have one.


Contact YYE directly. They had alot of b grades in different colors about 4 months ago. They were 10$ the one i got from them played fine. Just a few tiny ano flaws.


They will be everywhere this fall.


Is there going to be another release of popStars?!


I just sold one on eBay. Shoot. Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed after using some other undersized throws.


I’m 90% sure they’ve been discontinued. However, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t roaming around on the BST. I suggest making a post titled “LF Popstar” and somebody will probably find you if they’re trying to sell/trade one.


They are always popping up on the Bst. Check that out, you can get them really cheap.


I managed to pick up a new one last year before they dried up. Got a gold one and put a CT bearing in it. Lots of fun. Would love to see another run.


Seems like the answer is right here yet no one seems to notice. :slight_smile:


I saw it, just thought I would give them some more options :wink:


If Ben says they will be around in the fall, what more options are needed?


Old color ways and super cheap ones.