where can i get a yoyo case

WHere can i get a yoyo case that can hold up to 15 to 20 yoyo for less than 30 bucks please list the sites

It might sound like work, but making your own case is probably the best pick here. First you need to find something that you think will do good as a case for your yoyos. Then get some foam. Get this at a fabric store or something like that. Then you should get a tin can around the size of your yoyos. Use this tin can to make the holes in the foam.

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There ya go! Hope this helped!


buy a yomega one on amazon its like 20$ but it holds about24 yos and i love it

Just as a short note, making your own case can be a lot cheaper than buying one.

i made one thanks very much

did you use bevrchakus guide if so then where did you get the case to put the foam in

Wait a minute…Aren’t you the one asking your parents for $100 to buy a new yoyo, a bearing and string? You failed to mention you already had 15-20 throws! Your parents know what they’re doing. Be grateful you have what you do. I have a kickside and lyn fury…that’s it.

Found it!


Happy Throwing! =]

You are jumping to conclusions here. He has never said that he has 15-20 yoyos. He said he wanted a case that could take 15-20 yoyos. I want my case to take 15-20 yoyos, but I just have seven. Does that make me a some spoiled kid that doesn’t deserve a new yoyo? I know that my collection will grow because I want to have more yoyos. I work for the yoyos I want to have. And therefore, I want a case that can hold my future yoyos.

Addment: Let the guy think of the future.


Yoyo nation has won that holds 24 yos and is twenty bucks.

I’m not here to argue who deserves what. My thought is that an 11 year old kid pouting about not being able to get $100 from his parents then saying he wants a case to hold up to 20 throws doesn’t sound right. And pheenix, you said yourself, “i work for the yoyos i want to have”. Workin for and asking your parents for are 2 seperate things. Money may grow on trees in Norway, but it doesn’t in the US.


Actually your logic is wrong, money grows on trees because money is made of paper and paper comes form trees. Ink doesnt count even though it comes from cows. Back on topic!

Lol in Singapore, money is made of Plastic.

Money is made out of cotton and glue. And yes, it is made out of cotton and glue in the US too.

Again, let the guy think of the future. He’ll learn to work for things, he’s 11 (and I don’t want any personal stories about anyone working their heads off when they were 11). You can’t deny that fact that some people are parented different than others. And nothing is ‘wrong’ with him getting case while asking his parents for $100 to buy supplies and a yoyo. Not many parents support their kids in hobbies like this (I know mine don’t), and if he can actually get money from his parents to buy yoyo related stuff, that’s just great (but I don’t see why they would get him an iTouch instead of a yoyo). I don’t really care if he’s begging on his parents, at least he’s not begging on us.

While Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, we also have one of the Worlds best infrastructures. This means that we pay sick amounts of taxes in comparison to Americans. This also means that we have a very strict customs system.

Money may grow on trees in Norway, but I still have to pay 27 dollars for shipping and then 27 more for customs.

What I don’t get is the fact that no one googles anymore? I did and came up with about 25 or more places or links to them.

On a side note, Why is someone whining about what an 11 year old wants. HE’S 11 for crying out loud! Seems like you should think before you speak! If you had an 11 year old son you would understand. And don’t tell me that you never did anything like this when you were 11. How old are you anyway yojishcar?

WRONG! money is mad from COTTON …but that comes from trees too doesnt it… whoops…sorry ;D

Well this case doesn’t hold 15 to 20 yo-yo’s but it is surelly cheap. The YoYoSam bag holds 12 yo-yo’s but can hold 24. Only $12.