Where can I find a PGM axle?


ok i had a knot in my pgm (best yoyo ever in my opinion(like it better than an 888)) and i was so careful to keep the bearing and the spacers from falling that i didn’t notice that my axel just flew out and i couldn’t find it
anyway i need a new one i’ve heard that you can find one at Lowes or home depot or a store like that. is there any other place that i could get it? like sites? also if i can find it in a store what size or dimensions is it? does anyone know? Thanks ;D

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Write Ben an email, and if your lucky he might send you one.


Yeah, he’s such an awsome guy.

He’s given me K-Pads because I didn’t know what size it was!

All I really wanted was a link, but he just sent me some. ;D


k does anyone know an email?
or is it the one on yyf countdown?

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My pgm is messed up by being responsive, can he help?




What string are you using?

(Mikey) #9

When it first got messed up i was using 50/50, then I switched to poly.


Clean the bearing, and put a small amount of thin lube on it.


oh wow! i just got edited by the doc …i feel honered ;D

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Why would you feel honored, that means your post was bad.


It was probably sarcasam.

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Your helping me a lot today!


Hey, its what I do. :stuck_out_tongue:


its like the doc fixed something of mine thats why i feel honered

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At first I thought doc as in docrobot from awhile ago!