where can i buy foam?

Were can I buy foam for a case?

Hobby Lobby in the near the sewing section

Hmmm hobby lobby i dont know if theres any my me.I need 12in x 17 wide x 3in tall

Pretty much any sewing shop.

Michaels or Joannes

Daiso. Or Michaels.


i tired uline a while back u cant buy just one sheet

You should be able to get one sheet from McMaster.

i got it from joeanns but i dont kno whow to cut the hole any help?

To cut the holes you can get a can the size of the hole you want. Cut the rim off leaving a sharp edge. Mark where you want the holes. Use the can to cut the hole by rotating it back and forth on the foam.


Get a hole saw of the right size, chuck it up in the drill. Run the drill backwards to cut the holes.

I’ve heard of some people heating the can enough to melt the foam, but I think this would be tricky. Not enough heat and it won’t work. Too much heat and you will melt a bigger hole than you want.

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a small, hunts tomato paste can works nicely, its about 54 mm in diameter.

Here’s a great foam company with many types/styles of foams.

For cases, look at the Packaging Foam area, as this contains a variety of open cell foam products.



joanne’s fabrics
the green foam is amazing for it. or depending on your store’s variety, they also have white foam which is the same density as the green, just I think it’s easier to dye.

Dipping the can in very hot, soapy water seems to help when cutting the holes.

I just used room temp soapy water.
but yeah. the soapy water is a great lubricant and makes it a clean cut.