Help! How to buy foam for a case. Where to buy foam in U.S.

I think I’ve got the process of holing foam for case inserts. What I really need to know is how to buy the best black foam from a website in the U.S. Where and what shall I buy?

I believe that a nice soft/firm foam is what I’m looking for.

I would consider this type of foam as insanely too stiff for my preferences:

This high density stuff looks about right:

I understand that many foam companies should be able to take my simple 3D measurements and ship me what I want. Where is the site I’m looking for?


There is about a million suppliers of foam. Colors, sizes and even custom cutting can be provided. Take your pic via Google!

This is really simple. Go to Hobby Lobby. Buy a sheet of foam. Buy a package of Rit dye. Dye the foam. Cost=bout 8 bucks.

I’d go to Joann Fabrics. I’ve gone to Michael’s and had no luck. It’s cheaper IMO to just cut the foam yourself with a 2" tomato can (although it does take a while).

I made a custom case not too long ago. As Turtleyo said, buy some RIT Dye (liquid is best imo). FYI- you don’t need to soak the foam for too long. Here’s how mine turned out

I’d also look at this thread for reference:,64675.0.html

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Nice case there, shadrcom3t.

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Try hobby lobby… they have a very “squishy” cheap foam blocks and it is pretty easy to cut as-well.