How to Make a YoYo Case

I found this great video on how to make a yoyo case!

Website for Foam-

Hope this helps! ;D

My only problem is getting the foam in the first place. :confused:

nice case ya

I like the retro briefcase one, I think I am going to make a similar one but im goint to try build in a some speakers for musice on the go.

Nice video! I really liked it, I dont usually sit through videos like this. But I watched the whole thing for this video!

I got a case put together! All I did is put some foam in from a different kind of yoyo box (from Back to Basic Toys) and placed it in a case! Its only a prodotipe. ;D

I get mine from Jo Ann Fabric. I think a 2’ X 1 1/2’ chunk of 2 in foam ran me about $8.50.
They only have tan and green at mine, so I have to dye it to get it to look good.
You can use RIT dye, and use it the same way as dying clothes, except you have to saturate the foam with clean cold water before putting it in the dye solution and then squeeze it out a couple times while it’s in the dye solution.

i also got mine from joanns its white and it came out pretty good

Can you guys please post Pictures?

ill post pics when i get the chance but i didnt use these holes because i have a bunch of undersize that dont fit but instead i used squares i cut out that to me seem more firm


Haha it says “Professional DIY.” Oxy-moron for the win.

, glad I’m not the only one to notice this

Making a second one! ;D All I need is some foam! Hoping to post when finished! :wink:

Oopsy daisy!