Help me find good yoyo case foam!

Hey all I really need to know a good place to get 3inch this black foam that is easy clean cut. any one know?

I think Michaelsā€¦ or an art and craft storeā€¦ or you can use wood, drill out the holes, and line it with thinner pieces.

Go to joann fabrics they sell white foam.
You can dye it black with some RIT dye.
Get the regular density.

im not making a case and i already have some joanns white foam but its to soft and has a jagged cut thanks though.

go to a craft store like joans :slight_smile:

i did but all i found was the white foam.

also look it up on youtube ill give u two urls on youtube kk and

look it up kk :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

thanks im looking for foam like the 2nd vid.

heres a website for u .

they have different types of foams, shapes and exact width, length, and height measurments.