When you're making a video...


When you’re making a video, what are thew first things you do/look for. For me, I first decide a few things, for example: long or short, casual or “epic,” and what background?, and the such. Just wondering what you guys think.


The things I look for are 1) Background, especially cool ones. 2) can I get my camera there. I do all my videos with one person, so it gets kind of hard to find a cool background AND a place where I can put my camera.


I generally start storyboarding for mine then I film from where the storyboard says and then when it’s time to edit it starts going downhill.

(Erik Kerber ) #4

I usually look for a good back round.


Good background is the way to go for me. Just making sure I have my tricks I want to do in the video down well though is technically first.