When to replace string?

Hey yoyo-ers!

I’ve been reading reviews of strings and listening to people talk about string for a while, and am wondering when in the proper time to replace your string?
Usually I replace mine whenever I get a very tight knot that I cannot get out, or if the string is about to break. But I have heard from some people who replace it every 2 hours of throwing. or others who replace their string once a week. So I am very confused and am wondering when string should be replaced.
Thank you to those who reply!!!

I just replace it when my string gets all fuzzy.

I replace my string when it is unpleasant to play with.

This!^ and when it gets all tangled for no reason at all, and kinda gummy, that’s also a good time to let it go

A big part of it is what string you’re using; different types of string have different lifespans. Some strings can be killed in half an hour, while others have reported months of string life from certain strings.

I think a good rule-of-thumb is this: Replace your string when it stops holding proper tension.

I replace my strings when I feel that the spirit within has done its calling.
Each is an extension of ourselves, and when the spirits bond, the magic that is wielded takes a toll on the string quite severely.
When the spirit fades away into the afterlife, there is a whimper that can be felt deep inside ones soul. And it is when this whimper can be felt that you know that it is time, time to release it, and let it pass on into the next realm of its being.



When they start to look ugly! So a day or three.

My kid kills strings within a couple of hours… but he is constantly throwing and he doesn’t manage his string tension they get wound tight and end up super stiff. This is the reason i started making string. We usually spin him two every night.

replace it whenever you feel like it.

this question is asked so much… and i’ve never seen a visual picture so… i’ll let you guess which one is new and which one is about to be replaced.

Edit:new better picture added

I replace my strings when they feel all icky and tight (I manage my tension) and fuzzy. Especially the part that goes around the bearing.

I replace it when it stops holding well, or it starts to fray.

I play my strings until they are about to break, I mainly use yellow string and when it stops being bright is when i typically replace it

When my desire to play with a better playing string overcomes my desire to conserve the string I’m using.

Usually, this is around an hour and a half to two hours of play.

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Anytime before it breaks! :wink:

That’s not really any help but it really is! I just watch my string and change it if it’s dirty, old, knotted, or if I just want a different color.

I’ve not had many strings wear out and break doing it this way. However, there is always that new string that is flawed and will break with the first few throws.

I’ve been using a MarkMont Dragon String since Early January. I wash it after 10 hours of play or when it looks dirty and doesn’t feel as good as it did before. After a wash in the washer and either air dried or dried in the dryer it plays like new again. It’s been almost 2 months of using that one string. Compared to YYE white poly that lasted only a couple of hours before having to switch.

I have been playing cheap strings recently (Fat Kitty). I have found they play the best for about the first 20 minutes or so. I try to change my strings after every hour of play or so. When I was using Twisted Project-X, I would change strings about every 6 or 7 hours of play.