when to change string for 4a


Hey guys i am mostly a 4a player and i was wondering how often i should change my string for 4a. ???


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Idont even bother to change my string, but most likely just when it gets dirty or frayed



(JayVee) #6

I like to change my string once the end of the string becomes worn down. When that happens, you’ll notice that the yo-yo tends to snag at the end on the string when you do an offstring throw.

(Walker, Yo-Yo Ranger) #7

When there is a knot in it that you can’t get out.


I like to have the same mentality with my strings for all different play styles.
In other words, I judge when to change my strings for 4A the same way I do for 1A:

  • any frays on the string
  • fuzz or signs of wear and tear
  • VERY dirty (because “slightly dirty” is just wimping out)
  • a certain time period (I like to change angel hair every month or so)