When to change my Yo-Yo

Well I have got a Journey on the way and some highlites. I was wondering what type of skill level I should be at before I upgrade my Yo-Yo?
Also which would be best for my next step a X-convict or PGM?

If you can bind, every yoyo works. But do learn binding before buyng a whole lot of yoyos for 120 dollars per piece.

Like pheenix said, once you can bind its fine to upgrade anytime.
As for the x-convict or PGM, the major difference is shape and response. PGMs are dead unresponsive because the response are silicone stickers which require a bind. It also has a more traditional rounded shape. The X-convict has more of a butterfly shape I believe, and has metal weight rings. The response is double o-rings which I’m pretty sure can be made to be tug responsive at its tightest setting. The response can also be changed to silicone when you really want dead responsive. Sorry if that was confusing but thought I’d give you all the info I could.

Note that with a broken in bearing, it will most likely be dead unrespnsvie. EVen if you have tightened it all the way.

Thanks for the information it is highly appreciated =].

I agree with everything thats been said. But just to add on, there is no set time to upgrade. You will find it can do everything most metals can do. You can upgrade whenever you want (so long as you can bind) and as long as you feel confident with your skills.

It’s all based on your confidence and level. I am in Advanced and I have a Speeder but I usually use my Speed Maker. It just comes to show that theres no set time.

I’m fairly new and have a Journey as well. And I had the same thoughts about wether I just wasted $20 when I should have gotten a more advanced yoyo to begin with but those doubts were crushed when I searched for some vids on the net of people throwing the Journey. They were doing some truly cool stuff that I know is going to take me at least a solid year of throwing to get to. And once the bearing is broken in (which just happened to mine) it throws even better. On top of all that the celcon the Journey is made from is tough stuff. Had I bought a metal or metal-rimmed yoyo it’d probably be worthless right now considering how hard I’ve hit my garage floor with my yoyo. Take some time with the Journey and it’ll do you fine. And that extra-wide profile will flatten out your learning curve a little.

I wouldn’t say you wasted $20 my first yo was a speed maker and that got me really far. It’s all about the yo’er and what they are capable of doing.

Yup. Anyway, just like everyone said, make sure you know how to bind, and get a good strong bind! Once you have a good strong bind, and you know how to not whack objects often, then you are ready to get a metal.

Hint: Its not nice to whack your metal yoyos on things. The yoyo will get hurt!

That’s what I was saying. At first I though I’d wasted the money but the more I learn the more I realize the Journey couldn’t have been a better choice.

I would reccomend staying with the responsive journey till you get to advanced or pretty good then switch, It will make you smoother, and a better player when you switch.