When learning a trick, how long do you practice it?


When you learn a new trick, do you keep practicing until you get it down? Do you give it a few days and then if you’re still unable to get the trick down, move on to another trick? Do you find that you’re able to learn a trick that was giving you trouble if you come back to it after learning a few other tricks?


I have a few tricks that I work on normally at a time when attempting to make new ones.

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last trick I learned I just showed to my wife successfully after practicing it for, about 6 days. 1-2 hours a day give or take.

When I first started if i didnt get it in an hour or two id move to something else. Now a days im in no hurry. i like the journey as much as the destination.


As long as it takes.


most of the time I will spend a few hours getting through the steps, and then depending on the trick it can take weeks to get it smoothed out and pretty, I kinda have bad fundamental though, and I’m not exactly sure for to fix that other than learning more tricks and hoping I get better.


Until I can do it consistently without thinking about it.


Forever. I’m still practicing Rewind though I can do most of it without looking!

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