When is the werrd pacquiao coming out

When is the pacquiao coming out?On werrd.com it says it is in the prototype stage.Thanks in advance

                                                  - julian :)

I am pretty sure they are out and about. The werrd site is pretty behind sometimes

No actual release has happened as of yet, there are some out there which were sold as one offs at a couple of events though. Keep an eye out though, it will happen sometime.

what website or or place is it in

Not sure what you mean, but www.werrd.com has links to Werrd’s blog/twitter which when stuff drops should be posted on there.

i meant what store is it on

example:yoyo expert and yoyo nation

We won’t know until they come out.

Yup, what ^ said… sorry I can’t help you out more

thanks everybody!

                                 -Julian :)