when is the most appropriate time to make a 1year video?


When people say they are making a one year video, does that mean its one year since the first time they picked up a yoyo, or does it mean its one year since they picked up the modern, unresponsive style of yoyoing?
I’m asking because I want to make a 1 year video and I bought a yomega brain a year ago this month. But i didn’t get a unresponsive yoyo for several months after that so im not sure when I should make the video haha. Thanks

(J. Lev) #2

Well, the “one year video” is not hard and fast thing… there’s no rule about it, you won’t be arrested by the yoyoing police.

In your case, I’d say when you got the Brain. Yoyo players all should start with a responsive yoyo. Going unresponsive is just a step that is part of the yoyoing process.

If people ask you how long you’ve been yoyoing, I’d go since then.