when do i know when i need new response pads

My response pad in my dark magic 2 is wearing out. Do I need a new one.

when your binds are to slippy to come back up, then yes

What makes you think that? The DM2 uses silicone o-rings. They shouldn’t wear too quickly. The ones in my Legacy are over 2 years old and still good.

BTW - this doesn’t warrant a poll.


Like jhb8462 said, they shouldn’t wear out very quickly at all. Mine last for a very long time before I have to replace them (the stock ones). But, it depends on how much you play with it…

Funny. My Legacy Silicone O-Ring has worned out in 2 months. I play my Legacy less than an hour a day.

The stock rings, or did you silicone it yourself?

The stock rings. But when I silicone it myself, it “seems” to last longer as it doesn’t show much wear now.

thanks guys.They were the stocks.