Response for DM2

My dm’s response keeps wearing out and i always need a new one. So i watched one of the maintenance vids from andre and he said that you can get an O-ring at a hardware store. He also says that the o-ring will never wear out is this true??

They won’t wear out, at least they won’t wear out for a very long time.

The one thing to keep in mind is that it is going to be a lot more responsive then you silicone pads. I know flowable silicone lasts longer then pads and is the same response level as pads so you could try that, but you could also shave down the orings you get to make them less responsive. I would just buy some orings and try it out seeing as how orings are really cheep. Hope this helps… :slight_smile:

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The O-Ring will not last forever. They are using what’s called sarcasm.
They mean that the O-Ring will last for an extremely long time, much longer than you need it to. Maybe like 10 years?

And as ^^ said, it will make it more responsive, as it will stick out of the bearing wall, causing more friction on the string.

Also try cleaning the bearing. If you clean the bearing and ^^ cut down the response, it’ll be almost unresponsive.

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