YYJ O-rings..

Like X-convict, hitman etc.

Does the O-rings peel-off?

I mean like friction stickers, they need to be maintain.
Change them if they are peeling off? am i right?

Is it true?

O-rings don’t peel off, and they almost never need to be maintained. They are very durable. They are just squashed into the recess, and will not come out unless you pry it out with a needle or something.

But louisezz ;D Double O-ring response system can do tight binds like silicone or not?

O-rings wear down, but since they are rubber they will last for a pretty long time. I have heard that that should last for atleast a year. This is one of the reason why O-ring and hybrid is one of my favorite response system. It’s adjustable and very durable. Very good for international buyers that doens’t want to pay 25 dollars for a set of pads.

Yep, they can still provide very tight binds ;D I actually don’t feel any difference between sili and o-rings tightness of binds. But still, Sili is usually recessed, so your string rubs against it less, and it might lose spin slower.

Just remember to try not to let sili get into the bearing seat.

Double o-ring is a great response. So is Hybrid. My YYJ silicone o-rings have been in for about 1.5 months, and haven’t worn out yet.

I’m not A big fan of O-rings.
So I just swapped them out for silicone.

O-rings won’t wear out, if they do it will be over a year a two.

I prefer O-rings more than Silicone, tighter binds. Most of my YYJs the O-ring doesn’t even stick out more than half a mm, I just wore them done a bit.