what response system has the longest life time ?

I have a Dark Magic by YoYoJam it has a Hybrid response system, so i would like to know about that response system in specific

Thanks in advance

Your hybrid response should last a very very long time, virtually forever. If/when the o-ring wears down it just needs replacing. (but there are people who shave the o-ring down on purpose, so no worries)

I’ve tried almost every type of response system, personally the hybrid response is too grabby and the starburst will wear out a moment or another but the o-ring will last for a very long time.

Thanks for the info about the Hybrid response system.

But I also need info about the life time of other response systems for future purchases of yo-yos

Thanks in advance

There are many factors
-how much you play a day
-most likely the yoyo your using it in
-Play style
Duncan friction stickers for me only lasted a few days.
I’ve not had a starburst wear out.
Silicone YYJ- The YYJ replacements lasted me about a month and a half, and that was more the adhesive giving out
Silicone (flowable)- Usually lasts me 2 weeks
K-pad- I’m still on the same one 2 months later with no signs of stopping.


I’ve been using my dual o-ring legacy (put those in after the YYJ silicone popped out) and they’ve been with me for about 3 or 4 months and they still bind tight and don’t snag much. They don’t require and adhesive (buy maybe one size smaller because it stretches around the bearing seat staying tight) and I love it.

Say WHAT? Unless the yoyo is of bad grade or you purposely stick your yoyo up to a grinder, the starbursts should NEVER wear down. The 0-rings, those’ll last you 1 month to even about half a year depending on how much you yoyo and if you use flowable, what kind you use.

All in all, the answer is double starbursts, as found in the classics: Imperials, Butterflies, etc.

And some looping yoyos like the yomega fireball.

Not the best response system, but that wasn’t the question. There’s your answer. (reverse starbursts as well.)

RTV silicon is gooooooooood
takes a long time to wear down, not grabby or slippery. Very tight binds. Awsome.
The only part is that it is hard to find, I recently found quite a few at a shop called osh ( Orchard Supply Hardware I think thats what is stands for.) yah, k-pads are pretty nice too, but thats for yoyofactory

O-rings will last basically forever. There isn’t enough friction to tear up the o-rings at all. They might slightly wear down over the span of many years, but not really noticable. Same with starburst.

Remember: Starburst snags easily and makes a annoying sound. Dual O-Ring seems to be a choice among the many few. Not saying it’s bad but not saying it’s the best way to go (starbursts).

Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

the longest lasting responce is an o ring but it makes the yoyo a bit responsive. if you get a bottle or pac of rtv silicone (you can find it at the nearest car shop)you can silicone it and take it out if you mess up or you can take it out once you got all of the use you can get out of it. i hope this helps :wink:

Thanks for the tip even I don’t think I will ever have the patience or nerve to try it on a yo-yo I own, I will be too scared to ruin it.

As long as you don’t get any of the silicone in the bearing/bearing seat, there’s nothing that can be messed up, so if you want to try it, go for it.

ok, do you think I can find a video that shows the process ?

Absolutely. There are many posts here on it, as well as several videos on Youtube.

cool I will look it up


Just wanted to mention that I purchased some extra K-pads for my Lunatic, and they worked just fine in my New Breed.

(before I try to silicone a yo-yo, how long does the rtv silicone lasts ?)

sorry for this question its already said in another replay that it last long

so just ignore the question