What is the longest a stock response has lasted you?

My code one is going on a year and still has the original silicone. You can tell that it’s starting to wear, but man does one drop do amazing silicone jobs.

one drop has flow grooves stock in their yoyos. They last forever! i bought replacement pads and haven’t ever needed to use them. one drop by far has lasted me the longest.

Wouldn’t a Code 1 have come with a flow groove or a 555 pad rather than silicone?

As for me, I’ve never gone through a response yet. Mostly because I seem to be acquiring yoyos at a rate faster than I can play them. I’m not sure how this is happening, someone must have gotten ahold of my paypal info. It’s the only reasonable explanation.


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I’m not playing a small set of yoyos exclusively. When I was playing my DM2 almost exclusively, the stock pads lasted over 8 months.

cough MagicYoYo cough

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Snow Tires have lasted me about 8-10 months without wearing out. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah my bad, don’t know why i was think it was silicone, still amzing responses though.

Hmmmm, let’s see…
I’ve got a couple of YYJ HM that have been played regularly for the last 8 or 9 years that are still on the original response, as well as a couple of dif-e-yos that have never had the pads changed.

I have a first run Avalanche that has been my go to throw since I got it 2 or so years ago, just replaced Chris’s original flowable silicone within the last month. Not kidding. Lasted for millions of binds.

lol the YYJ O-Ring response holds up quite nicely…

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One Drop flow groove pads will last me forever.

Ive never replaced response on a yoyo. I have like 40 or 50… Never.

Gotta love them Yoyojam Aquarius and Free Agents…No response…Lasts forever, I swear!

flow grooves.

Flow grooves and o-rings.

I am going on two years four months on my Y Factor (flowgroove) I have not once ever changed a flowgroove yoyo that I have owned!!! My 54 is now at two years… I love flowgroove!!!

I have a feeling that the snow tires in my CLYW will last a very long time as well…

K-pads almost a year and some months.

The response in my Baldwin hasn’t worn out at all.

My One Drop flowable sili lasted me about a year.

My DM2 stock pads lasted for about eight months.