when chatting on forums not bringing u back to the page u were on

i just started forumming today an i love it but one problem once i reply an go back to were all the topics r it always brings me back to page one maybe i am doing something wrong but im not sure plz help

it’s just the way the forum is. just go back to the section, and click on page 2 or something. if it is refreshing the page, click the yoyoexpert logo on the top right corner and go from there.

If you want to go back to the browsing page you were at, I guess you just have to press the back button. I usually just open new tabs or windows, and keep where I was at.

If you want to go back to the topic, Look below.

When you are gonna post, you press here. This will take you back to the post you were on, if you were asking.

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rsmod123 got it on the dot. because i used to wonder about that too but then i saw that box at the bottom and clicked it