Forum sections page

Is there something going on with the forum? I can’t get the main forum page to come up. I have to navigate by going into the sections tab. Every time I click “yoyo expert forums” a page that show bdays and online users comes up.

Any help? Did I do it accidentally?

Works normally for me.

Try clearing your cache and deleting cookies. Then restart your browser. Often times that fixes a lot of weird things.

Well it worked after clearing cookies but then once I logged in the problem came back. Will look into account settings but I’m pretty sure I’ve never even been in there to change anything. Will update again.

If there’s a plus button near the top of the screen, on the left side, click it. It will expand the page. You may have accidentally clicked the minus button, minimizes the page, leaving you with the birthdays and active users section.

I have no idea what’s going on as I don’t see anything in my profile that could make this page I’m seeing as the forum home page load like it is. It’s very frustrating as I can’t navigate at all. Will try deleting cookies again.

Mods may need help with this error.

Thank you so much. I actually looked for something like that and pressed it earlier but didnt register I don’t guess. I only use iphone so needed to zoom really far for it to accept I guess.

Sometimes the forum acts up. Usually it just gets really slow, but sometimes it flat out fails. It doens’t do the failures very often